What I Learned About Relationships as a Child of Divorce

The Grotto Network published my article reflecting about love and marriage in the context of growing up amid divorce.  The follow-up piece will be published in a few months and will basically be my advice to a young adult whose parents have recently divorced. 

If you are not familiar with The Grotto Network, it is a publication based out of the University of Notre Dame.  Its intended audience is millennial and GenY Catholics but I think it would be appealing for anyone who is spiritually open.  They offer a lot of articles about #adulting and practical life advice interspersed with issues pertaining to social justice and pop culture.  I was pretty sold on their content the afternoon I clicked on their homepage and was greeted with an article about a DACA recipient encouraging others to vote when she cannot.  This was in tandem with an piece exploring the positive masculinity depicted by lead character Jack Pearson, in the TV show, This is Us.

Good stuff overall!

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