How to Volunteer with Your Family in 2023

Since my little ones were born, I have cut back on my professional and volunteer obligations. It is the volunteering that I miss the most – both ministries at the parish and volunteering with local community organizations. Jesus calls me to be engaged with the world, engaged with the joys and the suffering of others.Continue reading “How to Volunteer with Your Family in 2023”

Will you Carry the Baby Jesus?

Our parish doesn’t have a cry room. We typically sit in the back along a side wall, which is mercifully close to the bathroom and the back door for when our 3-year-old inevitably gets antsy. This past Sunday, it had already been a morning even by the standard of the typical morning hustle. Spilled milk.Continue reading “Will you Carry the Baby Jesus?”

Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Here’s what I adore – the spirit of generosity that pervades the holidays. Here’s what I abhor – billionaires making obscene profits off the backs of overburdened warehouse employees due to my generosity. Hence, my 2022 guide includes gifts from either local businesses here in San Diego County or ethical businesses with a larger missionContinue reading “Christmas Gift Guide 2022”

Make Your Family Advent Wreath

I do not own a glue gun. Glitter makes me cringe. I am not a crafty mom. That being said, all hail to the crafty moms who use their fabric-scissors-cutting-skills to evangelize! Catholic Icing is a fantastic website for the moms who aspire to do so. When my son’s kindergarten announced that there would beContinue reading “Make Your Family Advent Wreath”

God Grandparents

Poll: How did you select godparents for your children? Anecdotally, many people seemed to choose a sibling or close relative. Others honored a “spiritual mentor” by offering the role. Some people took proximity into their discernment and opted against long-distance godparents. Some suggested that distance played no role in their decision-making whatsoever. One couple toldContinue reading “God Grandparents”