God Grandparents

Poll: How did you select godparents for your children? Anecdotally, many people seemed to choose a sibling or close relative. Others honored a “spiritual mentor” by offering the role. Some people took proximity into their discernment and opted against long-distance godparents. Some suggested that distance played no role in their decision-making whatsoever. One couple toldContinue reading “God Grandparents”

Palette Cleansers 2022

What others may know as beach reads, I think of palette cleansers. These are the lighthearted, romantic, typically feminine novels that dull the ache of that last round of dystopian chaos that was either read or worse…lived in 2022. Palette cleansers are gentle escapism – significantly less likely to give one a headache than anContinue reading “Palette Cleansers 2022”

With a Father’s Heart

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are what I consider to be the “trip wire” holidays…wonderful when they are brunches, BBQs and rainbows but potentially miserable if a family is estranged, grieving a parent, struggling with infertility or painful for a myriad of other reasons. My own relationship with Father’s Day is complicated. My parents divorcedContinue reading “With a Father’s Heart”

Holy Thursday in the Tenderloin

“That guy, Jesus, did something like this.” Indeed. I rolled a new pair of socks gently over the man’s ankles and offered him another clean pair for the road. As I gave his foot one last tender squeeze, I said a quiet prayer for him. It was always how I ended my massages. During myContinue reading “Holy Thursday in the Tenderloin”

Pizza Night

Pizza night is sacred in our house. Pizza night is our Friday night ritual. We gather together after the week – setting aside preoccupations such as my seemingly never-ending rotation of chore lists and my 5 year-old’s concern that his brother will surreptitiously demolish his newly constructed Duplo bridge. My husband will silence his phone.Continue reading “Pizza Night”