Review: Fostering Love

May is Foster Care Awareness Month, which is perhaps the best time to review Fostering Love: A Glimpse into Foster Care by Kathleen Paydo. The author and her husband are licensed foster parents who have provided a home for many children over the course of decades. Paydo, by her own admission, began writing down “foster-careContinue reading “Review: Fostering Love”

It’s Still Easter!

During Holy Week, I was asking a colleague about her family’s Easter traditions. “We have our egg hunt on the third Sunday of Easter.” Mind blown. Cognitively, I understand that Easter season lasts until Pentecost. Yet until this recent conversation, it had never occurred to me to keep celebrating Easter beyond the initial Octave. WithContinue reading “It’s Still Easter!”

Southwestern Egg Muffins

Since first discovering these brunch favorites, we have found that they migrate easily out of the morning timeslot. Add your favorite combination of avocado slices, salsa, sour cream, tortillas and beans and you have an easy and satisfying meatless Friday. As a bonus, they keep well in the fridge for several days if you areContinue reading “Southwestern Egg Muffins”

Black History Month Books 2023

The Beauty in Breaking by Michele Harper Words falter when describing this memoir from a veteran emergency room physician. Yes, she is an African American doctor inhabiting a professional space still dominated by white men. Yes, she writes of a tense encounter with the police officers who bring a suspect of color into the E.R.Continue reading “Black History Month Books 2023”

How to Volunteer with Your Family in 2023

Since my little ones were born, I have cut back on my professional and volunteer obligations. It is the volunteering that I miss the most – both ministries at the parish and volunteering with local community organizations. Jesus calls me to be engaged with the world, engaged with the joys and the suffering of others.Continue reading “How to Volunteer with Your Family in 2023”

Will you Carry the Baby Jesus?

Our parish doesn’t have a cry room. We typically sit in the back along a side wall, which is mercifully close to the bathroom and the back door for when our 3-year-old inevitably gets antsy. This past Sunday, it had already been a morning even by the standard of the typical morning hustle. Spilled milk.Continue reading “Will you Carry the Baby Jesus?”