Janelle Peregoy

If you had told me a decade ago that I would one day live in the suburbs, the scoff would have been audible. Yet, here I am. Wife. Mother of 2 boys. Mazda CX-5. In my 20’s, I identified as an social justice activist. There was always a march and a cause. There was always a persistent hope that a nation with the world’s highest GDP would offer more than crumbs and criminalization for the poor & marginalized. Although I still occasionally canvass and phonebank, I haven’t found the best outlets for activism in the midst of raising little human beings.

The one current that remains consistent throughout the varying stages of my life is my Catholic faith. Here’s the reality; it’s not sexy to be a Christian like me. Prayerful people, who actually know a little something about Jesus, seek to emulate the love that he modeled in this world. Christians like me, serve our churches and our communities, raise our children with moral values and vote for candidates that work on behalf of the common good. We don’t catch the eye of the media because this narrative isn’t convenient in the culture wars. We live in hope even when it is so frickin’ hard to watch our values assaulted by the previous administration and the persistent stain of Christian nationalism.

I write for some Catholic publications; they allow me to wax poetic on topics like the “The Spirituality of Potty Training.” For all of us seeking God in the toilet, I am pretty dang sure St. Peter will help elbow us in when necessary. These publications will let me talk about poop but not partisan politics. Big, massive eye roll… Just to be explicit, all of my beliefs surrounding peace & justice lie completely within the bounds of Catholic Social Thought.

Faithfully Irreverent attempts to reconcile all these parts of myself. It promises to be all over the place, maybe delightfully so.

Bloom where you are planted.

-st. Francis De SALEs

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