Review: Fostering Love

May is Foster Care Awareness Month, which is perhaps the best time to review Fostering Love: A Glimpse into Foster Care by Kathleen Paydo. The author and her husband are licensed foster parents who have provided a home for many children over the course of decades. Paydo, by her own admission, began writing down “foster-care…

It’s Still Easter!

During Holy Week, I was asking a colleague about her family’s Easter traditions. “We have our egg hunt on the third Sunday of Easter.” Mind blown. Cognitively, I understand that Easter season lasts until Pentecost. Yet until this recent conversation, it had never occurred to me to keep celebrating Easter beyond the initial Octave. With…

Alongside Death

As a congenital heart patient, I have always known hospitals and have had five open heart surgeries. For @grottonetwork I recently wrote a reflection on how living alongside death has impacted me throughout various stages of my life. Read the full article.

You can safely assume that you’ve made God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people that you do.

Anne Lamott

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