100 Years Young

36,525. That is the number of sunsets and sunrises that my Grandma Frannie experienced as of her 100th birthday earlier this month. My family is consistently blessed by the presence and longevity of my grandmother. She still lives in her own two-story home where she still adeptly manages her daily decisions and financial affairs. TheContinue reading “100 Years Young”

Pizza Night

Pizza night is sacred in our house. Pizza night is our Friday night ritual. We gather together after the week – setting aside preoccupations such as my seemingly never-ending rotation of chore lists and my 5 year-old’s concern that his brother will surreptitiously demolish his newly constructed Duplo bridge. My husband will silence his phone.Continue reading “Pizza Night”

You can safely assume that you’ve made God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people that you do.

Anne Lamott

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