Hug-Tackles of God

Daniel, my baby-turned toddler, is a destructive force these days.  At 18 months, he is a study in superlatives – seeking the tallest slides, biggest toys and making the loudest sounds.  Lately, I have taken to thinking of him as Mr. All-In.  Like many new toddlers, he leaves a trail behind him of broken toys,Continue reading “Hug-Tackles of God”

A Nation of Immigrants

A family in my mom’s neighborhood has an outdoor whiteboard, where they share various critiques of the current administration.  They ended this campaign cycle by simply writing, “Biden-Harris.”  Of course, the board was vandalized and now “Trump” is spray-painted over said board. It is a perfect metaphor for the last four years.  So now, IContinue reading “A Nation of Immigrants”

All Hallows’ Eve

My in-laws are evangelical Christians who assume that Halloween is pagan and therefore is something to be rejected outright.  I tend to take a more nuanced perspective.  Christian feasts and traditions often integrated with pre-Christian or indigenous customs and traditions.  Día de los Muertos is a beautiful example of this for contemporary Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. Continue reading “All Hallows’ Eve”

The Nickel Boys

Colson Whitehead’s newest novel, The Nickel Boys (Doubleday, 2019), is a searing glimpse into The Nickel Academy, a juvenile reform “school” for boys in Florida.  Although, Whitehead’s novel is a work of fiction, it is loosely based on the Dozier School for Boys, which operated in the Florida panhandle from 1900-2011.  Whitehead was inspired byContinue reading “The Nickel Boys”

Nicholas and the Waves

“Look Mommy, it sparkles!” My three-year old, Nicholas, pointed to the incandescent shimmers off the sand in the midday sunshine.  He stood undeterred as the waves lapped at the shoreline, occasionally swallowing his toes.  We held hands and frolicked along the wet sand, gleefully kicking kelp caught around our ankles.  I remember holding my breath,Continue reading “Nicholas and the Waves”