Finding God in Root Beer Floats

My taste in root beer is pretty bourgeoisie these days.  Small-batch.  Micro-brewed.  Unbleached pure cane sugar for the win!  Add softened organic vanilla ice cream and ta dah!  Root beer floats have been my most consistent form of self-medication during the pandemic. I still drink my root beer floats out of the same yellow plasticContinue reading “Finding God in Root Beer Floats”

Keep Calm and Call the Midwife

Childbirth is still a recent, visceral experience for me.  My second son was born in May of 2019.  Admittedly, the ravages of COVID 19 have upended healthcare as it existed in the spring of last year. Yet, I can easily visualize the contours of the hospital delivery room, the beeping monitors, the words, “Welcome BabyContinue reading “Keep Calm and Call the Midwife”

Concious-Raising Books for Raised-Conscious Kiddos

Drum roll please…here are my Top 5 books for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. A is For Activist by Innosanto Nagara (Triangle Square Books for Young Readers, 2013) By the time my baby shower rolled around, I had received three copies of this book which is clearly a testament to the awesome company I keep.  Anyway,Continue reading “Concious-Raising Books for Raised-Conscious Kiddos”

Room at the Table

Many years ago, I was a new staff member at a parish in a different Diocese.  On my first Sunday there, I stood by the coffee & donuts after mass awkwardly greeting a sea of new faces.  One woman broke away from her friends to introduce herself to me.  After a few moments of chatting,Continue reading “Room at the Table”

Baked Ziti from Camp St. Francis

About 80 miles south of San Francisco there is a small seaside community called Aptos.  A Salesian youth retreat center, Camp St. Francis, perches on the top of a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean.  Although the views from Camp St. Francis rival the luxury beach resort a few blocks north, it is fair to sayContinue reading “Baked Ziti from Camp St. Francis”

Dear White Christians

Dear White Christians, We have failed Jesus Christ. Part of this White Christian was tempted to post a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. quote and call it a day.  Then, I realized that I was tempted to do what legions of White Christians do every day, quickly absolve myself of further responsibility.  Not today, Satan…Continue reading “Dear White Christians”