Chasing Childhood Review

The new feature documentary, Chasing Childhood, explores the unintended consequences of helicopter parenting.  Several well-respected parenting authors, researchers and activists contributed to this production all championing an approach that allows children to have greater freedom and less dependence on their parents. Journalist Lenore Skenazy allowed her then 9-year-old son to ride the New York subwayContinue reading “Chasing Childhood Review”

History and Current Status of the Death Penalty in the United States

There are definite perks to working at a Catholic Diocese.  A couple weeks ago, I walked downstairs to the staff lounge and found myself drawn into a conversation with our Director of the Life, Peace & Justice Office and a Franciscan intern regarding the criminal justice system.  Granted maybe not everyone’s idea of a goodContinue reading “History and Current Status of the Death Penalty in the United States”

Palette Cleansers (aka Beach Reads)

What others may know as beach reads, I think of palette cleansers.  These are the lighthearted, romantic, typically feminine novels that dull the ache of that last round of dystopian chaos that was read foolheartedly into the wee hours of the morning.  Palette cleansers are gentle escapism – significantly less likely to give one aContinue reading “Palette Cleansers (aka Beach Reads)”

A Wanderful Woman’s Guide to Santa Fe, New Mexico

I want to thank the Wanderful community for including my Santa Fe travel guide on their blog. If you have never heard of Wanderful, it is an international community of female travelers who offer travel advice and verified homestays to other female travelers. They also strive to make the travel industry more equitable by elevatingContinue reading “A Wanderful Woman’s Guide to Santa Fe, New Mexico”

Stranger on the Beach

There are many perks to living in Southern California – namely that February beach days are a thing.  When we arrived one mid-morning, it was chilly enough to need sweatshirts but the bright sunshine glinted off the sand.  The beach was nearly deserted.  While my husband and I assembled our beach tent, my little guysContinue reading “Stranger on the Beach”

What I Learned About Relationships as a Child of Divorce

The Grotto Network published my article reflecting about love and marriage in the context of growing up amid divorce.  The follow-up piece will be published in a few months and will basically be my advice to a young adult whose parents have recently divorced.  If you are not familiar with The Grotto Network, it isContinue reading “What I Learned About Relationships as a Child of Divorce”